The Tribology and Precision Machining Research Lab is designed to research fundamentals of tribological phenomena and support related industries through research activities and cultivating students and iKohza members. The lab will collaborate with other iKohza and any R&D organizations to generate synergistic effects: Fretting wear (small reciprocating sliding wear) issue with “Intelligent Dynamics System Research Lab”, atmospheric gas issues with I2CNER (International Institute for Carbon Neutral Energy Research) in Kyushu University, vegetable oil as environment friendly lubricant with some chemical research groups, energy saving and innovate power generation technology through tribological breakthroughs with coming iKohza in EGT, advanced semiconductor development by CMP (Chemical Mechanical Planarization) with some semiconductor industries, etc.

Diagram of Tribology and Precision Machining Lab.


Collaboration works: The Tribology and Precision Machining Research Lab is collaborating with various universities, industries and AIST.

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