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Prof Nurazah

ICSE 2013

On 9th of December 2013, TriPreM was invited to attend the 4th International Conference on Science and Engineering (ICSE 2013), with TriPreM head, Dr Prof Kanao Fukuda, attending as keynote speaker. Two members, Associate Prof Nur'azah Abdul Manaf and Dr Aung Lwin Moe, attended the conference as … Read More


Public Lecture: Applying Microfabrication Technologies to Tribology Study

All prospecting students, both undergraduate and post-graduate, are invited to attend a public lecture from a world-renowned tribologist. Details are as follows.   Lecture: Applying Microfabrication Technologies to Tribology Study Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Yasuhisa Ando, Tokyo University of … Read More

Congratulations to Mr Zaid Ali

TriPreM lab wishes to congratulate Mr Zaid Ali for being awarded the Taiho Kogyo Tribology Research Foundation Grant Award for his research paper in Kyushu University. He will also present the research paper during the Malaysian International Tribology Conference (MITC) 2013 in November at Kota … Read More

visiting professirs background 2

Visit of Tribology Professors from Japan, March 20th-21th 2013

TriPreM pleased to welcome the visiting professors:   Tetsuo Yamaguchi, Associate Professor, Ph.D, Kyushu University. Takahiro Hatano, Associate Professor, Ph.D, The University of Tokyo. Yoshinori Sawae, Professor, Ph.D, Kyushu University.   Biography of Visiting … Read More