+6 03 2203 1517 mjiit@utm.my
Dr. Mohammad Ali Tareq
BBA (Dhaka University), MBA (Dhaka University)
MPhil (Cambridge University),
PhD (Shiga University)
Area of specialization
  • Affordable Housing, Real Estate Planning and Development
  • Finance (Measurement of the Expected Return / Cost of Capital, Stockholders’ Privileges)
  • Banking (Saving Mobilization, Micro-Finance)
  • Real Estate Finance (REITs, CMBS)
  • Financial Accounting (Measurement of Cash Flows)
Research Interests
  • Asset-Pricing
  • Corporate Finance, Asset Valuation
  • Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)
  • Affordable Housing
  • Financial Cash flows and Cost of Capital
  • Savings Mobilization
  • Financial Engineering
Grants and Awards
Previous Positions
  • Lecturer. American International University Bangladesh (AIUB). 2006-2007
  • Lecturer. BRAC University (BU), Bangladesh. 2005-2006
  • Junior Lecturer. Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). 2003-2004
  • Visiting Faculty. University of Development Alternatives (UoDA). 2005-2007
  • Member, Cambridge University Land Society (CULS)
  • Barisal Ex-Cadets’ Association (BEXCA)Organizing Secretary, BEXCA (2005-2007).

          – Games Secretary, BEXCA (2002-2005).

Selected Publications

Published papers:

  • Tareq, M. A. and Horimoto, Saburo, (2013) ‘Asset Pricing: Realized Return as a Sample of Return’-The Fallacy, Hikone Ronso, Summer: 396, 58-69.


  • Tareq, M. A. (2012), ‘Is Residual Income Model (RIM) REALLY Superior to Dividend Discount Model (DDM)? – A Misconception. IOSR – Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM),  5 (6 (Nov.-Dec-2012)), 36-44


  • Tareq, M. A., (2011), “Can Realized Return Explain The Risk-Return Relationship?”, Biwako Journal of Economics, 10(1), 43-51.

http://ci.nii.ac.jp/vol_issue/nels/AA11997215/ISS0000471581_en.html Working Paper:


  • “Savings Mobilization Behavior of Nationalized Commercial Banks (NCBs) and Commercial Banks (CBs) in Bangladesh”, Working Paper Series, AIUB Journal of Business and Economics, AIUB.
  • “Exchange Rates ‘Overshooting’: An Empirical Study Between Bangladesh And India”, Working paper Series, BRAC University Journal.
  • “Trends of Trade Disputes During the WTO Regime”, with Ziaul Abedin, Working Paper Series, AIUB Journal of Business and Economics, AIUB.

Work in-progress:

  • “A comparative study on the affordable housing (AH) between Malaysia and Japan”. Target Journal: TBD
  • “Sensitivity of Macro-Economic Factors’ on the Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) Returns”. Target Journal: TBD
  • “Measurement of Alternative Proxies of Expected Return”, Target Journal: International Review of Business Research Papers.
  • “Behavior of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in Bangladesh”, Target Journal: Independent Business Review, Independent University Bangladesh (IUB).
  • Asset Pricing: Realized Return as a Sample of Return’-The Fallacy. World Islamic Banking, Finance and Investment Conference, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, 17-18 December 2012
  • Can we use Historical Mean Return?”, Business Research Conference , Tokyo, Japan, February 2011.
  • On the use of Historical Data as a measure of ex-ante Data”, Japan Finance Association, Nagoya City University, Japan, April 2009.
  • Can Realized average Return be Used as a Proxy for the Expected Return?”, Japan Finance Association, Kyushu University, Japan, April 2008.
  • Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Scholar, 2007, Government of Japan.
  • Member, Finance and Banking Honors’ Society, Dhaka University
  • Member, Dean’s Honor List, Faculty of Business Studies, Dhaka University.