Research Facility & Equipment

Research Facility & Equipment:

1) Simulation Room:
-High Performance Computer: 3 Clusters of 5 Workstations, 2 Clusters of  6 Workstations &  6 Single Workstation (33 in total)

-Server Rack: 6 IBM System x3550 M4 Servers and 1 Lenovo System X3550 M5 Server
-CISCO Nexus 3064-T Switch


2) Equipment
– Campbell-Scientific® Weather Station:

i) Tower Station: CR1000 datalogger c/w Enclosure, NL115 Ethernet & Compact Flash Module, 3D Ultrasonic Anemometer, Temp/RH sensor, Silicon Pyranometer &
Rain Gauge with 100W Solar Panel
IMG_0259    IMG_0242

ii) Ground Station 1: CR1000 datalogger c/w Enclosure, 3D Ultrasonic Anemometer, Net Radiometer with 100W Solar Panel

Jpeg  Jpeg

iii) Ground Station 2: CR1000 datalogger c/w Enclosure, Pyranometer, Wind Sentry Set, Temp/RH sensor with 10W Solar Panel


  iv) Portable Station: CR800 datalogger c/w Enclosure, Pyranometer, 2D Ultrasonic  Anemometer


-WatchDog® Weather Station: Model 2550 (2 units)
Jpeg  IMG_0261


Dantec Dynamics® Mini Constant Temperature Anemometer (CTA) : 2 Units
Mini CTA set

       3) Wind Tunnel Laboratory:

        WIND TUNNEL SPECIFICATION : Max Speed of the air in the test section 30m/s (108 km/h)

         Contraction Ratio : 5.6     Overall Dimension 24*2.5*3.5 (h) m

         Test Section: Cros Sectional Area 1350 (w)*1.000(h)mm:135dm2

           Test Section : Length :9.00mm