Welcome To Intelligent Dynamics & System Ikohza


Welcome to Intelligent Dynamics & System (IDS)ikohza:  Intelligent Dynamics & System(IDS) ikohza welcome all the student who are interested for higher studies.Intelligent Dynamics & System (IDS) i-Kohza is currently focusing on several research areas.Prospective students interested in doing a Masters or PhD in these areas are encouraged to contact any of the group members.

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Finite Element model updating, modal analysis, structural health monitoring, vortex induced vibration (VIV), sensitivity analysis, Design of Experimental Method, Optimization, control, linear and non linear vibration analysis


Intensity analysis,  radiation noise, sound quality, structure born noise and  noise reduction analysis, active noise control.



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 Candidates must possess at least a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Science background.The main communication medium within the ikohza is the English language, however Bahasa Malaysia is also spoken on an occasional basis. Members and students of the ikohza also speaks Mandarin, Bengali, Hindi etc. among each others.

Fresh graduates/Entry level applicants are encouraged to apply.Potential students may wish to make appointment for further discussions. Interested candidates are requested to submit resume/CV to aminudin.kl@utm.my or any other group members(Staff).