Solidworks workshop @ IDS iKohza from 17th and 18th June,2017



Final Year Student Farewell 2017 @ IDS iKohza

Visit of delegates from Pakistan Science Foundation @ IDS iKohza on 12th August,2016:

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Important Documents are given below:

  • Procedure for Thesis submission and Award of Degree


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  • A Industrial Tour to APM Interior Division on 4th March,2015.

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  • The 1st joint workshop between UTM and Meiji University 3rd March,2015 @UTM Razak School.

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  • Lab View software familiarization on 25th Feb,2015 @IDS iKohza.

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  • Visitors From Chousei High School,Japan @IDS iKohza on 11th Feb,2015.

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  • Short Course on LMS @ IDS iKohza from 29th Dec to 31st Dec,2014.

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  • Workshop on “Increasing Research Output Through Simulation”-ANSYS  Presentation @ CAD-IT on 17th Nov,2014.