Logic Gates Based on Schottky Gate- Controlled Three-Branch GaAs Nanowire Junctions




Figure above : NAND gate fabricated by integrating two WPG-controlled TBJs and correct operation with a voltage transfer gain of 2.2


As Si CMOS technology had come to its scaling limit, a search for new nano-structured material such as semiconductor nanowire becomes significant to be integrated on Si platform. By utilising the unique features and structure of nanowire, a novel functional nanodevice is expected. One of the emerging devices utilising nanowire is the three-branch nanowire junction (TBJ) device [16]. In this project, a GaAs-based TBJ with Schottky wrap gates (WPGs) was investigated to realise novel Boolean logic gates [Figure above]. It was confirmed that the WPG – controlled TBJ showed a bell-shaped voltage input-output curve and was controlled by gate voltage on the WPGs. The correct operations of AND gate, NOT gate and NAND gate have have been confirmed