Selected list of publications of ADME i-Kohza members:
  1. Mohammad Anisuzzaman, Shunpei Muta, Masanao Takahashi, Abdul Manaf Hashim and Taizoh Sadoh, Orientation-Control of Ge-Stripes-on-Insulator by Narrowing in Rapid-Melting Growth from Si(111) Seed, ECS Solid State Lett. 2 (9), 76-78, 2013.
  2. M.S.Z.Abidin, Shahjahan and A.M.Hashim, Undoped AlGaN/GaN HEMT based two terminal structure for H+ and OH ion detection, Sains Malaysiana, 42, 197-203, 2013 (ISI/SCOPUS Indexed).
  3. N.I. Rusli, M.S.Z. Abidin, Budi Astuti, N.K.Ali, and A.M. Hashim, Formation of porous silicon: mechanism of macropores formation in n-type Si, Sains Malaysiana, 42, 643-648, 2013. (ISI/SCOPUS Indexed).
  4. S.F.A.Rahman, M.R.Mahmood and A.M.Hashim, Growth of Graphene on Nickel using a Natural Carbon Source by Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition, Sains Malaysiana, Accepted
  5. S.F.A.Rahman, S.Kasai and A.M.Hashim, Fabrication and Transport Performance of Chemically-doped Three-branch Junction Graphene Device, Sains Malaysiana, 42, 187-192, 2013 (ISI/SCOPUS Indexed).