Technical Session 4(A)


Fluvial & Coastal Disaster, Geological Hazard and Disaster Rehabilitation & Recovery
Chairperson: Imee bren Villalba and Hirofumi Hara
Cashmere, Level 1
1045 – 1100
Gregorio Adri Prawira
Integrated Geophysical Method, Standard Penetration Test, and Remote Sensing for Interpreting, Correlating, and Analysing Cause of Landslides from Irrigation Pipe Leakage, Case Study: Cblp Hydro Powerplant
1100 – 1115 Joo Siang Tan
Preliminary Study of the Experience and Challenge faced by Disaster Helpers’ in Malaysia Disaster Relief Work
1115 – 1130 Gregorio Adri Prawira
Integration of Geology Data, Remote Sensing, Drilling Data (Coring), and Integrated Geophysical Data to Determine Subsurface Structure of PSK-1 Mini Hydro Power Plant Citeurep Creeping Area
1130 – 1145 Imee bren Villalb
Typhoon Haiyan 2013 Storm Wave and Storm Surge Modeling In San Pedro Bay using Swan+Adcirc
1145 – 1200 Gregorio Adri Prawira
Integrated Geophysical Methods for Determination of Lithology and Unstable Slope, Case Study: Cipogor Area, PSK-1 Mini Hydro Powerplant

*The oral presentation is 12 minutes + 3 minutes question and answer session.

Technical Session 4(B)


Watershed Management and Earthquake Hazard
Chairperson: Myo Thant and Ganchai Tanapornraweekit
Zenith 3, Level 1
1045 – 1100
Bakhtiar Affandy Othman
Liquefaction Resistance of Coarse Sand-Fines Mixture Soils under Two-Way Cyclic Loading
1100 – 1115 Ganchai Tanapornraweekit
Assessment of Precast Wide U Beam-Column System for Mitigation of Structural Failure from Seismic Hazard in Thailand
1115 – 1130 Myo Thant
Site Specific Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment for Yangon City, Yangon Region, Myanmar
1130 – 1145 Dinh Quang Hung
Dead Pigs Disposal and The Risk of Water Pollution in Vietnam
1145 – 1200 Thuy Vu Kiem
Evaluation of The Accumulated Contaminants after Long SAT with A2O Water

*The oral presentation is 12 minutes + 3 minutes question and answer session.

Technical Session 4(C)


Disaster Resilience Community
Chairperson: Vena Pearl Bongolan and Natt Leelawat
Zenith 4, Level 1
1045 – 1100
Andres Winston Oreta
Assessing the Safety, Sustainability & Accessibility (SSA) of Public Buildings for Disaster Evacuation
1100 – 1115 Muhammad Wafiy Adli Wafiy Ramli
Disaster Risk Index: Review of Concept and Methodologies from Various Country at A Local Scale
1115 – 1130 Quang Nguyen
Flood Disaster Impact Assessment using Geospatial Analysis Methods: A Case Study of Thammasat University’s Campus in Thailand
1130 – 1145 Ahmad Azan Ridzuan
The Mediating Effect of Community Leadership a Community Resilience Elements And Community Preparedness
1145 – 1200 Phu Le Vo
Coastal Vulnerability to Climate Change in the Southern Coastline of Vietnam

*The oral presentation is 12 minutes + 3 minutes question and answer session.