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1. Scheme name
  The scheme is MJIIT Post-Doctoral (PD) Scheme, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (MPDS).
2. Introduction
  Post-Doctoral Scheme Guidelines of MJIIT serve as a guide in the management of MJIIT Post-Doctoral Fellow.
3. Definition
  The MJIIT Post-Doctoral Scheme functions as a method to appoint a PhD graduate researcher who can conduct full-time research towards excellence in research and innovation in niche research area to produce scientific literature.
4. Terminology
  I. MJIIT means Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology.
  II. Supervisor means MJIIT Academic staff (permanent/contract) assigned to supervise the Post-Doctoral Fellow.
  III. VDR means Visa With Reference issued by the Malaysia High Commission Office abroad to a non- citizen to allow individuals to enter Malaysia after visa approved by the Immigration Office.
  IV. First Author is the first named author of a publication such as research article.
5. Objective
  The Objectives of MJIIT PD Scheme are as follows:
  I. Conduct research and produce academic publications.
  II. Collaboration with renowned universities.
  III. Supervising PhD Students to promote knowledge transfer.
6. Candidate Qualification
  PD Candidate should have the following qualifications:
  I. Open to local and international candidates.
  II. Holds a PhD from the university listed in QS or from universities in collaboration with UTM.
  III. English Language Proficiency requirement for those candidates with non-English PhD Thesis or Non-UTM graduates of (minimum TOEFL 600 or IELTS minimum band 6.5).
  IV. Must have experience in conducting research and produced at least two (2) papers in Q1/Q2 journals as First Author (issue status to be considered are In press/Published only).
  V. Candidates must be within five (5) to 10 years after completing a PhD from a recognized University.
7. Appointment status
  All appointment will be in temporary status
8. Appointment period
  I. Not more than ONE (1) year.
  II. PD or MJIIT may terminate the contract with ONE (1) month notice.
9. Additional Terms of Post-Doctoral Appointment 2017
  I. All applications must be made through an iKohza.
  II. Post-Doctoral who are appointed will be responsible to the respective iKohza.
  III. iKohza that applied must have at least two (2) active grants among its members.
  IV. iKohza should appoint a supervisor having grade 51/52 or above having at least 1 PhD student graduated as main supervisor and having at least 1 Q1/Q2 paper published as first UTM author or corresponding author.
  V. Each iKohza is only allowed ONE (1) MJIIT PD at one time.  Priority is given to staff who has no PD fellows.
10. Duties and Responsibilities of an MJIIT PD Supervisor
  I. Supervisor need to assist PD candidates when reporting for duty in MJIIT.
  II. Need to assist in gathering and submitting documents for VDR or any other official documents.
  III. Register Post-Doctoral grant in RADIS grant to get a cost centre after the PD reporting for duty.
  IV. Provide space and adequate research needs.
  V. Submit Progress Report online every three (3) months in RADIS.
  VI. Submit final report at the end of appointment period (a month before contract ends).
  VII. Monitor PD attendance at MJIIT during the period of appointment.
  VIII. Ensure PD to be the First Author in all published collaborative research work during the period of appointment.
11. Duties and responsibilities of MJIIT PD
  Duties and responsibilities of PD are as follows:
  I. To conduct full-time research under Supervisor’s supervision.
  II. To produce at least two (2) papers listed in Q1/Q2 as First Author (issue status to be considered are In press/Published only).
  III. PD can be called upon to supervise students not exceeding 6 hours per week.
  IV. To submit Progress Report every THREE (3) months and Final Report online in RADIS ONE (1) month before contract ends, verified by Supervisor to the Deputy Dean (R&I) MJIIT.
12. Reappointment/Extension
  I. Supervisor may submit application to re-appoint their PD within THREE (3) months period before their current contract ends.
  II. PD must meet the KPI standard.
  III. Extension application will depend on MJIIT’s financial position.
13. KPI for Second Appointment
  PD needs to produce TWO (2) published papers in Q1/Q2 and TWO (2) papers in Q1/Q2 under revision as First Author.
14. Appointment place
  I. PD can only be placed at iKohza or MJIIT.
  II. PD can carry out research work in any university, government or private agencies in the State with the approval of the Supervisor and MJIIT.
15. Living Allowance
  I. Monthly allowance will be within the range of RM 5,000 to RM 7,000.
  II. The monthly allowance will be fixed based on the allowance determination matrix approved and subject to the MJIIT financial position.


16. Annual Leave and Sick Leave
  I. Annual leave up to 25 days per year will be given based on entitlements.
  II. Leave application need to be supported by Supervisor and approved by Deputy Dean (R&I) MJIIT.
17. Appointing Authority
  I. Authority to appoint MJIIT PD falls upon MJIIT PD Selection Committee chaired by the Deputy Dean (R&I) MJIIT.
  II. Members of Post-Doctoral Selection and Appointment Committee should be endorsed in MJIIT Management Committee.
  III. Appointment letter shall be signed by the Dean of MJIIT.
18. Holding other Positions
  PD are not allowed to hold other positions either inside or outside Universiti Teknologi Malaysia during the MPDS tenure with MJIIT.
19. Sources of Financing Scheme
  The Scheme is funded by MJIIT.
20. Other Facilities
  Other provided facilities are as follows:
  I. Medical facilities for candidate, their spouse and  two children (unmarried) which  includes medical treatment at the UTM health and  government hospital  or health care center only (medical  charges shall be paid in advance by PD and claim can be made for reimbursement at MJIIT).
  II. The amount allocated for medical reimbursement is RM600.00 per contract period.
  III. Treatment borne are as follows:
  a. Outpatient.
  b. Medical Health examination for report duty.
  IV. Visa payment will be borne by MJIIT for PD candidates only.
  V. Application for refund must be submitted to the MJIIT within three (3) months from the date of the receipt issued. The delay in submitting the claim will result the receipt of payment will not be processed.
  VI. PD is subject to taxation for individual who are not resident with income earned or received in Malaysia.
21. Application
  I. The invitation will be advertised by MJIIT two times a year.
  II. Application form can be retrieved from HERE.  Application form must be approved by the Head of IKohza before being forwarded by the Supervisor to the Deputy Dean of Research and Innovation, MJIIT.
  III. If there is no feedback within 3 months, the application is considered unsuccessful.
  IV. The Guideline is effective for the appointment of PD starting 2017.
  V. Candidates are required to submit original documents/certificates during the application:
  a. Passport copy
  b. Passport size photo
  c. Copies of Academic Certificates(Diploma/Degree/Masters/PhD or Senate Approval Letter)
  d. Certificate of TOEFL/IELTS (if applicable)
  e. Curriculum Vitae
  f. Research Proposal
  g. List of Publications (published/In Press publications only)
  h. Front Page of Listed Publications only.