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Sonic Dismembrator | Nanofabrication Laboratory

Sonic Dismembrator

Name Sonic Dismembrator
Model Fisher Scientific (FB-705)
Descriptions Touch screen display:

  • Amplitude (intensity) selected: output amplitude may be set between 1-100%
  • Output power delivered to the probe in watts
  • Selected duration of processing
  • Actual processing time
  • Elapsed time
  • Set and read temperature (but thermocouple is not provided)
  • Pulse on/off duration
  • Accumulated amount of energy in Joules delivered to the probe
  • Ability to save up to 10 programs
  • Sequencing form the saved programs


  • ½” probe with replaceable tip (10-250ml)
  • 1” probe with replaceable tip (50-1000ml)
  • Sound enclosure with clamp (23” x 14.5” 12”)
  • Stand with clamp
  • Jack stand (6 x 6”)