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Plasma Enhanced CVD | Nanofabrication Laboratory

Plasma Enhanced CVD

Model: SAMCO PD-220NA

The system is designed for the deposition of silicon-based thin film. The system offers all the standard features for PECVD in a very compact footprint. Films with superior thickness and refractive index uniformity can be deposited over a 230mm diameter area with excellent batch-to-batch repeatability. A computerized touch-panel provides a user-friendly interface for parameter control and recipe storage. This system is ideal for depositing thin films for research and development as well as pilot production applications. Depositions are assisted by RF powered plasma either on N2 or Ar at low temperature below 500 oC. Available process gasses are high purity SiH4, NH3, and N2O.


  • Thin film SiO2
  • Thin film Si3N4
  • Thin film SiOxNy
  • Thin film a‑Si

Thickness and quality based on deposition recipes. Please consult us for more details.