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Access and Booking | Nanofabrication Laboratory

Access and Booking

Please contact Prof Abdul Manaf Hashim to discuss your project and receive an introduction to the Nanofab.

A required package for the potential user will be determined based on the project. A new user (member and non-member) will be asked to complete the following:

  1. Read the Nanofab Guidelines
  2. Attend EH&S “Laboratory Safety and Hazardous Waste” training
  3. Complete the Process Inventory form and Cleanroom Chemicals & Gases form
  4. Receive a tour of the facilities from a Nanofab staff member

In principle, the process will be done by a Nanofab staff member. However, a new user will be also trained and tested before he/she can be certified as a qualified user.

Process Flow for Booking

1. Booking


2. Execution of Process/Measurement

Forms and Documents

  1. Service Form
  2. Annual Membership
  3. Service Fee