From the Head of iKohza

Assalamualaikum and welcome
I look forward to welcome you to our iKohza as a research collaborators and prospective postgraduate students...

About Nano3 iKohza

The Communication Systems and Networks (CSN) i-Kohza is an inter-disciplinary group focusing on cutting-edge research in the development of reliable and efficient delivery of information for future Internet. It encompasses several areas of study including, but not limited to, telecommunication engineering, mobile communication, sensor networks, intelligent algorithms, network security and bio-inspired networks. The thrust of the research is in the development of intelligent protocols and architectures that offer seamless support for a variety of applications and user requirements in next generation networks. Work under this group includes algorithm design, protocol development and analysis, network programming, and prototype development. The main objective of the group is to establish a world-class collaborative research environment backed by strong research funding while harnessing expertise from Malaysia, Japan and abroad.

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