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Academic Staff : Megat

Megat Johari Megat Mohd Noor
Bsc in Civil Engineering (UK), Msc Environmental Engineering (UK)
contact-academic-megat Professor
Head of Ecological Engineering Research Laboratory
Email: megatj@ic.utm.my
03-2203 1215
Professional Membership
Board of Engineers Malaysia [BEM]
Malaysian Society for Engineering & Technology [mSET]
Institution of Engineers Malaysia [IEM]
International Water Association [IWA] (formerly International Association on Water Quality)
International Ferrocement Society [IFS]
Malaysian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage [MANCID]
Malaysian Water Partnership [MyWP]
American Society of Engineering Education [ASEE]


Professional Certifications
ISO 17025 LEAD AUDITOR (2004)
Latest Grants
Development of Systems for Infrastructure, Utilities and Finishes Including Rain Harvesting (Research under Affordable Quality Housing), CIDB (RM100,000.00)
Performance Study of Upgraded Biological Process for Sewage Treatment, IWK(RM38,000.00), MUCED(RM75,000.00)
Sludge Dewatering Using Natural Polyelectrolyte, IWK (RM230,000.00)
Engineering Technology Study, UniKL (RM100,000.00)
Storage of Morringa Oleifera, Sci Fund (RM80,000.00)
Previous Positions
Director & Assoc ProfessorEngineering Accreditation Department, Board of Engineers Malaysia.
2007 – March 2011.
Associate ProfessorDepartment of civil Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia.
1996 – 2007
LecturerDepartment of Civil and Environment Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia.
1984 -1996
TutorDepartment of Engineering Science, Universiti Putra Malaysia.
1982 – 1984
Professional Experience
EIA for CyberjayaGlenmarie Estate, Damansara, Selangor Sewage Treatment Plant Process Design
Kuala Perlis, Perlis Sewage Treatment Plant Process Design
MSC Environmental Guidelines
Ecosoil Soil Stabilization
Taman Nusa Perintis, Nusajaya, Pulai, Johor Baharu Sewage Treatment Plant Process Design – 3800 PE (Project abandoned by developer)
Preliminary Design for Pulau Pinang Sewage Treatment Plant 1340 PE
Preliminary Design for Kajang Sewage Treatment Plant – Upgrading to SBR
Parit Buntar, Kerian, Perak Sewage Treatment Plant Process Design
Mukim Ulu Kinta, Kinta, Perak, Sewage Treatment Plant Process Design (Merekabentuk, Membina, Menyiapkan dan Menjamin Sistem Perawatan dan Pelupusan Kumbahan Mukim Ulu Kinta) (Project was abandoned by developer)
Design, Supply and Installation of Centralised Sewerage Treatment Plant for Mukim Plentong, Johor Baharu, Johor
IEM Surveillance Audit & Upgrading to ISO 9001:2000
IEM Reassessment Audit ISO 9001:2000
Upgrading of Taman Kantan Permai Kajang Sewage Treatment Plant (Merekabentuk dan Membina Kerja-Kerja Menaiktaraf Satu Unit Loji “Biosoil” di Taman Kantan Permai, Persiaran TKP, Kajang, Selangor)
Gold Medal, Eco-polymer coagulant, Innovation Research and Co mmercial Exhibition Faculty of Engineering UPM 16-17 Mac 2006 Silver Medal, Eco-polymer coagulant, IENA 2006
Leading Engineers of the World 2006, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge
Excellence Service Award 2006, UPM
UPM Anugerah Penyelidik Cemerlang 2006; Category Anugerah Kecemerlangan Antarabangsa
Gold Medal, MyOBE, MTE 2011
Selected Publications
Amir Montakhab, Abdul Halim Ghazali, Megat Johari b. Megat Mohd. Noor, Thamer Ahmed Mohamed, Badronnisa bt.Yusuf. 2010. Effects of Drying and Salt Extraction of Moringa Oleifera on its Coagulation of High Turbidity Water. Journal of American Science. 6(10):387-392
Thamer Ahmad Mohammad, Mohd. Razali Abdul Kadir, Megat Johari Megat Mohd. Noor and Ahmad Husaini Sulaiman. 2010. Assessment of Using Tunneling and Trenchless Technology for Constricting Twin Box Culvert. Pertanika Journal of Science & Technology. 18 (1):155 – 166
Wai Kien Tat, Idris Azni, Megat Johari Megat Mohd Noor, Mohamed Thamer A., Abdul Halim Ghazali, Muyibi Suleyman A. 2010. Optimization study on sewage sludge conditioning using Moringa oleifera seeds. Desalination and Water Treatment. 16:402-410
Thamer Ahmad Mohammad, Megat Mohd. Noor Megat Johari, L.A. Abdul Ghani. 2009. Preliminary evaluation of a hydrophilic microfiltration membrane in treating high strength wastewater. Desalination and Water Treatment. 10: 272–280
Kien Tat Wai, Azni Idris, Megat Mohd Noor Megat Johari, Thamer A. Mohammad, Abdul Halim Ghazalia, Suleyman A. Muyibi. 2009. Evaluation on different forms of Moringa oleifera seeds dosing on sewage sludge conditioning. Desalination and Water Treatment 10:87–94
Ahmed H. Birima, Thamer A. Mohammed, Megat Johari Megat Mohd Noor, Suleyman A. Muyibi, Azni Idris, H. Nagaoka, J. Ahmed, L.A. Abdul Ghani. 2009. Membrane fouling in a submerged membrane bioreactor treating high strength municipal wastewater. Desalination and Water Treatment 7: 267–274
Ahmed H. Birima, Megat Johari Megat Mohd Noor, Thamer A. Mohammed, Azni Idris, Suleyman A. Muyibi, H. Nagaoka, J. Ahmed, L.A. Abdul Ghani. 2009. The effects of SRT, OLR and feed temperature on the performance of membrane bioreactor treating high strength municipal wastewater. Desalination and Water Treatment. 7: 275–284
ThamerAhmed Mohammed, Nooshin M., Megat Johari Megat Mohd. Noor, A. Liaghat. 2009. Investigating the Effect of Three Nitrate Fertilizers on Nitrate Leaching under the Root Zone in Clay Loam Soil American Journal of Environmental Sciences 5(3): 387-392
S. Sarafraz, Thamer Ahmad Mohammad, Megat J. Megat M. Noor, A. Liaghat Wastewater Treatment Using Horizontal Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetland. 2009. American Journal of Environmental Sciences.5(1): 99-105
Alias Nor Azlina, Mohammed Thamer Ahmed, Ghazali Abdul Halim, Megat Mohd Noor Megat Johari. 2008. Impact of Takeoff Angle of Bucket Type Energy Dissipater on Scour Hole. American Journal of Applied Sciences. 5 (2):117-121
Thamer A. Mohammed, Ahmed H. Birima, Megat Johari Megat Mohd Noor, Suleyman A. Muyibi, Azni Idris. 2008. Evaluation of using membrane bioreactor for treating municipal wastewater at different operating conditions. Desalination. 221 : 502-510
Mohammed Thamer Ahmed, Ghazali Abdul Halim, Megat Mohd Noor Megat Johari. 2008. Empirical Model Simulating Rainwater Harvesting System in Tropical Area. ALAM CIPTA, International Journal on Sustainable Tropical Design Research & Practice. 3(1):45-54
Saed Katayon, Zakaria Fiona, Megat Mohd Noor Megat Johari, Ghazali Abdul Halim, Jusoh Ahmad.2008. Treatment of mild domestic wastewater using subsurface constructed wetlands in Malaysia. International Journal of Environmental Studies. 65(1):87-102
S. Katayon, M.J. Megat Mohd Noor, W. Kien Tat, G. Abdul Halim, A.M. Thamer, Y. Badronisa. 2007. Effect of natural coagulant application on microfiltration performance in treatment of secondary oxidation pond effluent. Desalination 204:204-212
Ahmad Jusoh, Lam Su Shiung, Nora’aini Ali and M.J.M.M. Noor. 2007. A simulation study of the removal efficiency of granular activated carbon on cadmium and lead. Desalination 206: 9-16
A.G. Liew Abdullah, N.M. Sulaiman, M.K. Aroua, M.J. Megat Mohd Noor. 2007. Response surface optimization of conditions for clarification of carambola fruit juice using a commercial enzyme. Journal of Food Engineering 81(1): 65-71