Department of

Environmental Engineering and Green Technology (EGT)

The EGT department is focus in producing Chemical Process Engineering programme that leads to the degree of Bachelor of Chemical Process Engineering. This is a new programme starting in September 2013, offered to full time students. The normal duration for this programme is 4 years and it requires students to complete 135 credit hours, ranging between 13-18 credits per semester. All students are required to complete their practical training for 12 weeks, aiming to expose students to the real working environment. The practical training is equivalent to 6 credit hours, which is done in the short semester of the third year.

Graduates from this program can seek employment opportunities as process engineers, design engineers, chemical engineers, research engineers, technical sales engineers, commissioning engineers, service engineers in the chemical and biochemical industry, the oil and gas industry, the water and waste water treatment industry, the power station, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the electronic industry, the heavy industry etc. Graduates of this program will also be prepared for entry into post graduate education either in MJIIT or other universities worldwide.

The admission guideline for the Bachelor of Chemical Process Engineering can be found in this site :