Prof. Mikio Miyake

– Nano-Catalysts
– Fuel Cell
– Upgrading of fuel Oil





Prof. Mohamed:

– Proton exchange membranes for PEM fuel cells
– Micro- and nano-structured polymer adsorbents for heavy metal ions and boron removal from  waste water
– Nano-structured polymeric adsorbents for CO2 capturing from flue gas
– Solid polymer basic catalyst for biodiesel production
– Modifications of synthetic and natural polymers by high energy radiation –
– Controlled biodegradability of polymers



Dr. Nurul:

– Protein structure prediction
– Molecular simulation of biomolecules or biogenic substances
– Structural bioinformatics
– Protein folding




Untitled (1) Dr. Kamyar Shameli:  

– Polymer
– Nanomaterials
– Nanocomposites
– Nanocatalyst
– Nanobiomaterials
– Tissue engineering




Dr. Kamyar Shameli:  

– High-performance polymers for energy-related applications including Fuel Cells, Redox Flow Batteries, and Gas Separations
– Catalyst and membrane for High-Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membranes (HT-PEM)
– Liquid crystalline polymers
– Stimuli-responsive materials