Promotion on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

We are currently doing a promotion on our NMR Bruker Avance III as follow:

1H RM40/run RM70/run RM120/run
13C RM50/run RM80/run RM140/run
APT/DEPT RM50/run RM100/run RM150/run
COSY/HSQC RM100/run RM150/run RM200/run
NOEY/HMBC RM100/run RM150/run RM200/run
MULTINUKLEUS RM40/run RM90/run RM140/run

*Charges will be applied if using our NMR tube and Deuterium solvent/standard (subject to availability). Otherwise please bring or use your own NMR tube and solvent

Note: The promotion is valid until further notice. TnC applied