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Bachelor of Software Engineering (SE)

Software Engineering uses an engineering approach in the development, operation, and maintenance of large scale software. A software engineer needs to be able to employ systematic technical and management methods in the creation of high-quality software.
The Bachelor of Computer Science specializing in Software Engineering is designed to support the nation’s need for professional and capable software engineers to undertake the task of increasing the effectiveness and performance of both the public and private sectors. To further support this goal, the course is closely associated with the Malaysian Software Testing Board (MSTB) certifications and Hewlett-Packard (HP) Software Testing Program.

Career Prospects
Graduates of the program can work as a Software Engineer, Software Project Engineer, Systems Analyst, Systems Engineer, Software Quality Engineer, Software Configuration Engineer, Software Architect, Software Process Engineer, Software Test Engineer, Software Maintainer, Academician, Researcher, and Software Designer.

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Local International
SECJ 131 131

Below are the list of subjects and credits for each year and semester:

Semester 1

Code Course Credits Pre-requisite
SECI1013 Discrete Structure 3  
SECJ1013 Programming Technique I 3  
SECR1013 Digital Logic 3  
SECI1113 Technology & Information System 3  
UHMT1012 Graduate Success Attributes 2  
Malaysian Students
UHIT2302 The Thought of Sciences and Technology 2  
UHMS1172 Malaysia Dynamic 2  
International Students
UHLM1012 Malaysia Language for Communication 2  
UHMS1022 Malaysian Studies 3 2  
Total Credits 18  
Cumulative Credits 18  


Semester 2

Code Course Credits Pre-requisite
SECI1113 Computational Mathematics 3  
SECl1143 Probability & Statistical Data Analysis 3  
SECJ1023 Programming Technique II 3 SCSJ 1013
SECR1033 Computer Organisation and Architecture 3 SCSR 1013
UHLB1122 English Communication Skills 2  
Malaysian Students
UHIS1022 Philosophy And Current Issue 2  
International students
UHIT2302 The Thought of Sciences and Technology 2  
UHIS1022 Philosophy And Current Issue 2  
UHMS1182 Penghayatan Etika dan Peradaban  
Total Credits 16/18  
Cumulative Credits 34/36  

Semester 3

Code Course Credits Pre-requisite
SECD2523 Database 3  
SECD2613 System Analysis and Design 3  
SECJ2013 Data Structure and Algorithm 3 SECJ1013
SECR2213 Network Communications 3  
SECV2113 Human Computer Interaction 3  
UKQF2xx2 Service Learning Co-curriculum Elective 2  
Total Credits 17  
Cumulative Credits 51  

Semester 4

Code Course Credits Pre-requisite
SECJ2203 Software Engineering 3  
SECV2223 Web Programming 3  
SECR2043 Operating Systems 3 SECJ1033
SECJ2154 Object Oriented Programming 4 SECJ1023
UHLB2122 Academic Communication Skills 2  
Elective Courses – Choose 1 (3 Credits)
SECJ2253 Requirements Engineering & Software Modelling 3 SECJ2203
SECJ2363 Software Project Management 3  
Total Credits 18  
Cumulative Credits 69  

Semester 5

Code Course Credits Pre-requisite
 UHLB3132  Professional Communication Skills 2  
 UHLx 1122  Foreign Language Elective 2  
 UKQE 3001  Extracurricular Experiential Learning 1  
  Elective Courses – Choose 4 (13 Credits)
 SECJ3104  Applications Development 4  
SECJ3553 Artificial Intelligence 3 SECJ2013
SECJ3303 Internet Programming 3 SECJ2154
SECJ3323 Software Design & Architecture 3 SECJ2203
 SECJ3603  Knowledge-Based & Expert Systems 3 SECJ3533
Total Credits 18  
Cumulative Credits 87  

Semester 6

Code Course Credits Pre-requisite
 SECJ3032  Software Engineering Project I 2 SECJ3104
 SECJ3203 Theory of Computer Science 3 SECI1013
  Elective Courses – Choose 4 (12 Credits) 
 SECJ3343  Software Quality Assurance 3  
 SECJ3563  Computational Intelligence 3 SECJ3553
 SECJ3623  Mobile Application Programming 3 SECJ2154
SECJ3403 Special Topic in Software Engineering 3  
SECJ3483 Web Technology 3 SECJ2154
Total Credits  17  
Cumulative Credits 104  

Short Semester

Code Course Credits

Semester 7

Code Course Credits Pre-requisite
 SECJ4118  Industrial Training (HW) 8 92 credits

CGPA >= 2.0

 SECJ4114  Industrial Training Report 4
Total Credits 12  
Cumulative Credits 116  

 Semester 8

Code Course Credits Pre-requisite
 SECJ4134  Software Engineering Project II 4 SECJ3032
 SECD3761  Technopreneurship Seminar 1  
 UBSS1032  Introduction to Entrepreneurship 2  
  Elective Courses – Choose 2 (6 Credits) 
SECJ4383 Software Construction 3 SECJ2203
SECJ4423 Real-Time Software Engineering 3 SECJ2203
SECJ4463 Agent-Oriented Software Engineering 3 SECJ2203
Malaysian Students
UHMS1182 Penghayatan Etika dan Peradaban 2  
Total Credits  15/13  
Cumulative Credits 131  

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Group 1: 

Code Course Credit

Group 2: 

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Group 3: 

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Group 4: 

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Group 5: 

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*All undergraduate programmes have 9 credits of Japanese language courses.
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