Laboratory and Equipments

1. Automatic Solar Tracker

We do provide service of weather measurement data (i) direct solar radiation, (ii) global solar radiation, (iii) diffuse solar radiation, (iv) wind speed, (v) wind direction (vi) atmosphere pressure, (vii) temperature and (viii) relative humidity.

If you are interested to the weather data, please feel free to contact us via email


2. Manual Solar Tracker (Fish eye lens camera mounted on solar tracker)

This equipment captured sky images around the sun to accumulate several data. The details of the equipment are:
1. GoPro Camera (Fisheye Lens Camera)
This camera is used to capture the images. This camera is attached to the solar tracker.
2. Solar tracker
This equipment is used to track the sun. Sun location changes from sunrise to sunset. The solar tracker will track the sun location and move accordingly.
Several additional aluminium plaque have been attached to the GoPro Camera and solar tracker. The sun will always be in the middle of the picture taken by the GoPro camera based on several calculation made by our postgraduate student.
3. Tripod
This tripod is used to put the solar tracker and camera in place.
4. Battery
The battery (not shown in the picture) is used as the power source of the solar tracker.