Welcoming Speech by Head of iKohza      

Welcome to Takasago Thermal/Environmental System (TTES) i-Kohza. Our TTES i-Kohza was established in 2015 and is financially supported by Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. (Takasago Research Fund). Our missions are;

  • to contribute the progress of researches in the field of thermal and fluid engineering, especially in renewable energy and energy saving technologies for sustainable development.
  • to educate young researchers and engineers.

Besides, the thermal and fluid engineering is one of the most significant subjects in Mechanical Precision Engineering. We are contributing to MJIIT community by making an effort to work in thermal engineering field.

Currently, the TTES i-Kohza has a professor, an associate professor and two senior lecturers. We offer a wide variety of research topics in not only thermal and fluid engineering but also semiconductor physics, topology and number theory. We provide research programs for FYP students, master course students and Ph.D students. You can find details of research programs in member’s personal homepages. We are looking for students who want to conduct researches with us. We are always welcome you and we are looking forward to hearing from you.