Takasago Thermal/Environmental System Research Laboratory (iKohza) is situated in Level 3, MJIIT building, UTM Kuala Lumpur. It is one of the newest research laboratory in MJIIT that is sponsored by a Japanese Industry (Takasago Thermal Engineering Co. Ltd.). Despite of being one of the newest iKohza, we are now actively participating in many national and international conferences, contributing our researches to the body of knowledge and progressively accepting several new potential UG, PG students and collaborators to take part while promoting sustainable development researches that can contribute to low carbon and energy saving technologies.

TTES iKohza is specialised in Thermal and Fluid Sciences especially Renewable Energy and Energy Saving Technologies. This laboratory is established based on generous financial support from Takasago Thermal Engineering Co. Ltd.; which is a major Japanese Air Conditioning Construction Company.

TTES members are committed to improve energy technologies to degrade carbon dioxide emissions which are considered to be the main cause of global warming. At the same time educating the young researchers and engineers is our another important mission. It is our hope that this laboratory strengthen the tie between Malaysia and Japan through Engineering Research and Education.

Introduction of TTES

Research Areas of TTES