Practicing Rinkoh in The Research Group (iKohza)

Rinkoh is one of the Japanese’s cultures that has been practicing in MJIIT. In TTES, rinkoh sessions are held every Friday, usually from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm and participated by Lecturers and Students from TTES.

Rin-koh (輪講) has a meaning of “each person taking turns reading and explaining a book“. The original term, Rin-doku (輪読), which literally means “reading in a circle“, originates from the activity Japanese engineers perform when first reading instruction manuals and technical reference books in a foreign language. Rinkoh is a session for sharing new or existing research ideas of every participating members (usually research group members). Fruitful discussion with stimulating ideas can be raised up on that particular discussed research topic to gain more knowledge and research input.
The Rin-koh is mainly attended by ikohza (research group) members which are lecturers and students, however guests lecturers are sometimes invited. Students from other faculties are also welcome to attend. Content of presentation slides can be from research paper, progress report, to demonstrate research skills or sharing research input.



Lecture talk by Prof. Dr. Yusumi Nagashi

On 25th of August 2017, there was a special lecture talk by Prof. Dr. Yusumi Nagashi from Kochi National College of Technology who are an expert in Heat transfer enhancement in a fluidized bed, Dynamic force acting on tubes in a fluidized bed, Fluidization of a water added gas-fluidized bed. His topic of presentation is about “Production of Bio-Oil and Development of a Fluidized Bed Type Pyrolisis Reactor”. It is a good knowledge experience sharing session among all TTES’s members and students.


Takasago Grant Research Progress Presentations Meeting with Takasago Japan’s Executive

The Takasago Grant Research Progress Presentations Meeting with Takasago Japan’s Executive was held on Tuesday, 19th September 2017 at Main Meeting Room Level 3 of MJIIT. The main purpose of this meeting are to reviewed the research progress report from Takasago’s grant holders named Dr. Sheikh Ahmad Zaki, Prof. Dr. Koji Iwamoto, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Fauzi together with members of Takasago i-Kohza, Prof. Yutaka Asako, Dr. Siti Rahmah Aid, Dr. Tan Lit Ken and Assoc. Prof. Nor Azwadi.  Five students also presented in this meeting.  It is a good networking collaboration sharing session between MJIIT and the Takasago Thermal Engineering Co. Ltd. The meeting concluded with group photography session.