Our niche research area

Our niche research areas include thermal and environment researches aiming for low carbon and energy saving technologies



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These are the announcements for TTES UG/PG students for 2016/2017 (1):

  • For student who wants to go to overseas conference/symposium, you can download the Standard of Procedure (SOP), request letter to Head of iKohza here and several related documents as stated in SOP at RMC Portal. Please be reminded and make sure that all documentations are prepared accordingly for necessary action not less than 2 months before the conference/symposium date:

 SOP (overseas conf)

Request Letter (SAMPLE)

 Budget Estimation with Proof of Documentation (Sample)

  • For student/staff who wants to purchase any research equipment or apply for Student Working Scheme (SPB)/Wages using Takasago Grant, please download and complete the justification form with related documents (as in SOP) before application can be processed: (NEW)

payment justification form_version 3

SOP_RMC Claim_Overall