New images of iKohza WEE

Renovation works that started in early May have been progressing towards completion. The current laboratory accommodates 12 student workstations, experimental room, simulation room, pantry, meeting room, coordinator’s office, and RA room. Students’ area with 12 individual workstations ¬†iKohza meeting room – equipped with a meeting table, presentation slide, and smart board Students’ workstations with a […]

Short Course on Wind and Urban Engineering

Assoc. Prof Aya Hagishima and Assoc. Prof Kazuhide Ito came to visit MJIIT from 4 to 6 June 2013. This visit was also planned for a two-day course of Wind and Urban Engineering which was open to all MJIIT postgraduate students. Participation from students and academic staff (both UTM and non-UTM) was satisfactory.