Prof Jun Tanimoto & Assoc Prof Aya Hagishima visit to iKohza


(from left: Nadzirin, Atikah, Dr Sheikh, Prof Tanimoto, Assoc Prof Hagishima, Faiz, Hirda, Azreen, Ain)


Date: 25 February 2013 at MJIIT building

On this date we have received a visits from delegated from Kyushu University that come to MJIIT regarding the Green Asia Program leading by Tanimoto sinsei. After the talks on Green Asia Program, at 4 pm Tanimoto sinsei and also Hagishima sinsei were attending postgraduates presentation in our ikohza. Every students present their research study to both of the delegates. it is a wonderful and excited visit as both of them were also visited our ikohza office  and also students workstation. They also being introduced to the equipment in our laboratory. More picture on this visit will come soon