Congratulations to Patrick and Lai

TriPreM wishes to congratulate Patrick Lim Sheng Yi and Lai Wei Hang for placing 4th for the JACTIM Undergraduate Research Proposal Competition 2015.

The title of the proposal is “Development of High-temperature Tribotester”.

International Conference on Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (ICME 2015)

On 19th – 21st October 2015, Dr Jun Ishimatsu attended the International Conference on Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (ICME 2015), which took place  at Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Johor. Dr Ishimatsu presented his research, titled “Thermal Effects of Ultrasonically Excited Grinding Fluid“.

The official website for the conference may be found by following this link.

Lecture on Fundamentals of Tribology, Penang Seagate

On 24th March 2015, Prof Dr Kanao Fukuda delivered a lecture on the Fundamentals of Tribology during his visit to Penang Seagate Industries (M) Sdn Bhd.

The lecture was one of the activities following the visit’s main purpose, which was to produce a report on the progress on the contracted research between TriPreM and Seagate.

International Tribology Conference 2015, Tokyo University of Science


Conference name: International Tribology Conference 2015 (ITC 2015)

Date: 16th September 2015 – 20th September 2015

Venue: Tokyo University of Science, Japan

Prof. Dr. Kanao Fukuda presented a paper titled “Differences in Growth and Transfer of Adhesive Substance in Early Stage of Sliding between Austenitic Stainless Steel and Pure Cu” and chaired a session of “Fundamental of Tribology” at one of most prestigious conferences on tribology, International Tribology Conference (ITC) 2015 which was held at Tokyo University of Science, Japan from 16th till 20th September, 2015. The photograph shows Prof. Fukuda, Pro. Prakash of Luea University of Technology, Sweden, and Prof. Sasaki of Tokyo University of Science, Japan (from left to right).

Recent Achievements

As of November 2015, the following are the most recent achievements of Tribology and Precision Machining i-Kohza:


  1. Kanao Fukuda, Influence of atmosphere humidity on various tribological phenomena,” Research University Grant (RUG), Aug. 2015- Jul. 2017.


  1. Sangeeth Suresh (PhD student supervised by Dr. Aung Lwin Moe), Best Paper Award for “Optimization of Electrode Material for EDM Die Sinking of Titanium Alloy Grade-5 Ti6A14V”, Science and Engineering Technology National Conference 2015, 26 to 27 October 2015, Bangi-Putrajaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Published Journal Papers

  1. Kanao Fukuda, “Influences of a Hydrogen Environment on the Friction and Wear of Metallic Materials”, J. Japanese Society of Tribologists, 60, 10 (2015) 632-637. (ISSN: 0915-1168, SCOPUS SJR (2014) =0.110)
  2. Abdul Manaf, G. Ibragimov, M. R. Abu Bakar, “Utilization of Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Method on the Survival Data of Leukemia Patients”, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 53, 6 (2015) 167-172. (ISSN: 0973-1377, SCOPUS SJR (2014) =0.118)
  3. Zaid Ali Subhi, Kanao Fukuda, Takehiro Morita and Joichi Sugimura, “Quantitative Estimation of Adsorbed Water Layer on Austenitic Stainless Steel,” Tribology Online, 10, 5 (2015) 314-319. (ISSN: 1881-218X, SCOPUS SJR(2014)=0.265)

Accepted Journal Paper

  1. Zaid Ali Subhi, Kanao Fukuda, Takehiro Morita and Joichi Sugimura, “Analysis on the Mechanism of Humidity to Influence the Very Early Stage of Sliding under Different Load” Tribology Online. (ISSN: 1881-218X, SCOPUS SJR(2014)=0.265)

For the full list of achievements, please visit the Achievements page.

2015 Hydrogenius & I2CNER Tribology Symposium in International Hydrogen Energy Development Forum, Kyushu University, Japan

DSC_1228s 20150204 Hydrogen Symp

Conference name: Hydrogenius & I2CNER Tribology Symposium

Date: 4th February 2015

Venue: Kyushu University, Japan

On 4th February 2015, Prof. Dr. Kanao Fukuda chaired a session of 2015 Hydrogenius & I2CNER Tribology Symposium in International Hydrogen Energy Development Forum 2015, Kyushu University, Japan.

The 2015 Hydrogenius & I2CNER Tribology Symposium in International Hydrogen Energy Development Forum took place at the Ito Campus, Kyushu University, Japan from 3rd February to 4th February 2015. The website and the session itinerary may be found at the International Hydrogen Forum 2015 official web page.

Open Laboratory 14th May 2015


DSC_3342 DSC_3353 DSC_3354
DSC_3344 DSC_3356 DSC_3357
DSC_3350 DSC_3347 DSC_3351


Delegation from Chosei High School


On 11th February 2015, TriPreM received guests from Chosei High School. From a group of 12 students, three students were delegated into TriPreM to present their school projects.

The visit to MJIIT is part of a week-long trip to Malaysia, where the students from Chosei High School visit various schools and tourism spots in Malaysia, exchanging knowledge and experience while broadening their horizons through inter-cultural exposure.

DSC_3271 DSC_3266M DSC_3267

The students were very impressive in both their presentation skills, and the amount of effort that were put in their projects. TriPreM hopes that the students would continue to work hard to improve themselves even further.

The following is a quote from the description of Chosei High School:

“One of the highlights of Chosei is the Super Science High School (SSH) program, which has been implemented here since 2010. SSH is a designation given to top-performing schools in the sciences by MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology in Japan). Students study advanced topics in science. Some students have gone abroad to multiple countries to give scientific presentations and share scientific knowledge.”

The website for Chosei High School may be reached here.

International Conference in Science and Mathematics Education 2014

IMG_20141028_134639_ICSME2014 Quezon City

On 28th – 30th October 2014, Assoc Prof Nur’azah Abdul Manaf attended the International Conference in Science and Mathematics Education 2014 (ICSME 2014), which took place at UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines.

IMG_20141029_120148_ICSME2014 Quezon City IMG_5629670274110_ICSME2014 Quezon City

The following is an introductory paragraph from the ICSME 2014 website:

“The aim of ICSME 2014 is to provide a venue for sharing research, best practices, and innovations among science and mathematics teachers, educators, and administrators in order to implement, support, and sustain science and mathematics curriculum reform. The conference will also promote the exchange of ideas about continuing professional development as a means of raising the capacities of science and mathematics teachers.”

IMG_20141029_163051_ICSME2014 Quezon City IMG_20141029_174041_ICSME2014 Quezon City

Prof Nur’azah was also appointed as a member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Mathematical Sciences through observation of presentation of her paper during the conference.


32nd Conference of ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations 2014 (CAFEO 2014)


From 10th November – 13th November 2014, Dr Aung Lwin Moe attended the 32nd Conference of ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations 2014 (CAFEO 2014), which took place at Sedona Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar.

IMG_7469 IMG_7467


During the conference, Dr Aung was awarded the ASEAN Engineers Register (AER-ID 5196) and was conferred the title of ASEAN Engineer. TriPreM wishes to congratulate Dr Aung Lwin Moe on this fine achievement.

IMG_7200 IMG_7181 566

More information on CAFEO can be found here, and the link for the .pdf file containing the background of the conference may be downloaded here.