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Welcome to Intelligent Dynamics & System (IDS)ikohza:  Intelligent Dynamics & System(IDS) ikohza welcome all the student who are interested for higher studies.Intelligent Dynamics & System (IDS) i-Kohza is currently focusing on several research areas.Prospective students interested in doing a Masters or PhD in these areas are encouraged to contact any of the group members.

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Finite Element model updating, modal analysis, structural health monitoring, vortex induced vibration (VIV), sensitivity analysis, Design of Experimental Method, Optimization, control, linear and non linear vibration analysis


Intensity analysis,  radiation noise, sound quality, structure born noise and  noise reduction analysis, active noise control.



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 Candidates must possess at least a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Science background.The main communication medium within the ikohza is the English language, however Bahasa Malaysia is also spoken on an occasional basis. Members and students of the ikohza also speaks Mandarin, Bengali, Hindi etc. among each others.

Fresh graduates/Entry level applicants are encouraged to apply.Potential students may wish to make appointment for further discussions. Interested candidates are requested to submit resume/CV to aminudin.kl@utm.my or any other group members(Staff).

Update News

The recent updated news:
UTM 3MT Award : Azella Aziz Wong, IDS iKohza PhD student , 2nd Runner Up in 3 Minute Thesis Competition ( Engineering Category),2016
IMG_2320 Norfazrina H. Md. Yatim,  IDS iKohza PhD student ,won the 5th place in JACTIM 2014 Research Proposal     Competition.

Two  IDS iKohza final year student won 3rd place in JACTIM 2014 Research Proposal   Competition.

If want to know more information about JACTIM, Plese visit the

web link: http://mjiit.utm.my/blog/researchproposal-winner-2014/

  • Graduated Students:
Untitled2  Lee Kee Quen

Currently working as a Senior Lecturer at MJIIT, UTM KL

 Ph.D Student, 2015
amir Md Amirudin Ismail

Currently studying PhD at MJIIT, UTM KL

 Master (Full research), 2015
 Siti  Siti Lisarose B. Samion

Currently studying PhD at MJIIT, UTM KL

 Master (Full research), 2015
Zetty R. Md. Sahak

Currently working as a Senior Lecturer in a Polytechnic Institute

Master (Full research),2016
  Khairudin Khairul

Currently working in a Industrial Institute

 Master (Full research), 2016
saurav Saurav Das

Currently working as a Assoc. Prof. in India

Ph.D, 2016
oo Oo Kyaw Nyein

Currently studying PhD at MJIIT, UTM KL

Master (Full research), 2016
Norfazrina H. Md. Yatim

Currently working as a Senior Lecturer at UIAM

Ph.D, 2017
Nurul Liyana Binti Burhannuddin Master (Mixed mode), 2017
Moneer A. Lilo

Currently working in a Industrial Institute

Ph.D, 2017
Nurulfateha R. Md Radzi

Currently working as a Lecturer UTM SPACE KL

Master (Full research), 2017
Sanda Pyae Sone

Currently working as RA in Japan

Master (Full research), 2017
A. Malek  A.Wahab

Currently working as a Senior Lecturer

Ph.D, 2017
Kuheli  Mondal

Currently studying PhD at MJIIT, UTM KL

Master (Full research), 2017
Saikat Das

Currently doing PhD at USA

Master (Full research), 2017
Thiha Zaw

Currently working in a Industrial Institute

Master (Full research), 2018
  • Two IDS ikohza Master students in taught course have recently graduated. 
  • One Master Student recently converted to PhD research work.


Intelligent Dynamics & System Ikohza Team

  • Intelligent Dynamics & System Ikohza Team:  HOD,Staff Members,Associate Member, Research Officers and Students are built IDS iKohza team.

1                                                                                                                                                                              Dr. Aminudin bin Hj Abu   Head of the ikohza

  •  Staff Members:

contact-academic-pauziah                 10-Dr. Noor Fawazi Md Noor Rudin                    toh

Dr. Pauziah Muhamad         Dr. Fawazi                   Dr. Toh Hoong Thiam

zain                        Untitled2

Dr.Zainudin bin A.Rasid             Dr. Lee Kee Quen


  •  Associate Members:

Ir Dr Tuan Suhaimi Salleh            JKR-Malaysia            tsuhaimi@jkr.gov.my


Mohd Nizam                                ORS Tech Sdn Bhd     mastura@fke.utm.my

Dr.Mohamad Rusop Mahmood      Assoc Prof.(UiTM)    nanouitm@gmail.com

Contact Us


Dr. Aminuddin Bin Abu

Head Of Intelligent Dynamic and System Ikohza

Malaysia-Japan International Institute Of Technology (MJIIT)

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

UTM Kuala Lumpur

Jalan Semarak

54100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel       : 03-2203 1253

Fax      : 03-22031274

Email   : aminudin.kl@utm.my


Solidworks workshop @ IDS iKohza from 17th and 18th June,2017



Final Year Student Farewell 2017 @ IDS iKohza

Visit of delegates from Pakistan Science Foundation @ IDS iKohza on 12th August,2016:

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Important Documents are given below:

  • Procedure for Thesis submission and Award of Degree


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  • A Industrial Tour to APM Interior Division on 4th March,2015.

IMG_0014  IMG_0104

  • The 1st joint workshop between UTM and Meiji University 3rd March,2015 @UTM Razak School.

IMG_0002  IMG_0019

  • Lab View software familiarization on 25th Feb,2015 @IDS iKohza.

IMG_0037  IMG_0030

  • Visitors From Chousei High School,Japan @IDS iKohza on 11th Feb,2015.

20141229_094723  20141229_100051

  • Short Course on LMS @ IDS iKohza from 29th Dec to 31st Dec,2014.

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  • Workshop on “Increasing Research Output Through Simulation”-ANSYS  Presentation @ CAD-IT on 17th Nov,2014.