Electron Beam Lithography

Model: JEOL JBX-6300FS

JBX-6300FS can easily write patterns down to 8 nm or less (actual result: 5 nm) by the employment of an electron optical system that automatically adjusts a 2.1 nm diameter electron beam at 100 kV accelerating voltage. Furthermore, this EB system achieves high field-stitching and overlay accuracy of 9 nm or less, providing high cost performance. Furthermore, a unique automatic correction function enables high-precision pattern writing. JBX-6300FS responds to a wide range of requirements, such as R&D of cutting-edge devices, nanotechnology-related R&D and communication-device production.

The operation system (OS) of the computer for lithography control and JOB making are done in UNIX. Combination of UNIX and GUI (Graphical User Interface) has realized a high operation efficiency.

Our services:

  • Resist coating and preparation
  • Pattern design and mask file generation
  • Pattern exposure and development
  • Post processing such as dry etching, metal deposition, lift-off, etc. please ask

Main purposes:

  • Making a chrome photomask
  • Lithography on wafer scale
  • Lithography on small sample (custom cassette)

Resists that are available:

  • ZEP-520A
  • PMMA 950K A6