A quality student is a student who excels not only in academics but also active in his co-curriculums activities. In fact, students should always be aware of the current issues happening globally and apply the theory they have learned in a practical form. Hence on 3rd May 2018, this program was developed to establish high-quality students that are sustainable and have a productive attitude in serving the community. In addition, students are exposed to the external environment to promote students’ interaction with the community and with each other. Therefore, PREMECH ANNUAL DINNER 2018 provides opportunities for students to engage in outdoor activities that can help students master the soft skills needed while maintaining excellence in academics and co-curriculum activities in order to meet the expectation of a University of Technology Malaysia’s graduate and be competent in the outside world, as well as celebrating all PREMECH members especially the final year students for all their hard work throughout the year.

The hall was decorated in accordance to the theme of “Bohemian Night”.


The decoration set up the atmosphere of the dinner


An astonishing performance by the students

The Premech’s lecturers enjoying their dinner with the Head Of Department Ir. Dr. Pauziah in the middle.

2nd-year students having their dinner.

1st-year students enjoying their dinner.

The 3rd year students having the time of their life.

Students enjoying the instant camera set up.

Final year students having their final group dinner photo. May they succeed in their career life and the time spent here will be treasured.