On 24th February 2018, our department Precision Mechanical Engineering (Premech) had organised a family day at Port Dickson Beach. The objective of this annual program is to strengthen the bonding between all the members of Premech. We are honored that Students from Tokyo University also joined us to enliven our program .

Aerobic Exercise during Premech Family Day 2018


Group Discussion & Ice Breaking


Team Bonding Mini-Games


Japanese Students who Join Premech Family Day 2018


Water Wrestling Sumo Mini-game.


BBQ Activities


Cleaning Session Before End of the Program

It was an exhausting but memorable day for us Premechians. Our bonds became closer as we know more of each other through the challenges we face in the activities prepared by the executive committee. The activities are well balanced with challenges and enjoyment. Furthermore, we also made friends with Japanese students who tagged along with us in this program.Finally, we hope that this newfound bond will last not until graduation but will last forever. <3