Name: Sangharganesh  a/l Palanivelloo

Age: 24 years old

Employment: Mechanical Engineer, Motorola Solutions

“MJIIT is an institute with collaborated knowledge, skills, ways of living, values and methodologies between Malaysians and Japanese. This institute promisingly shows that the knowledge and experience which I am going to gain is unique and highly vital. Aside the reason I chose MJIIT, let me answer this question “Did I really achieved those expectations?” Definitely it is a YES.

Plenty of Japanese lecturers, our Sensei. Seniors as Senpai, a good relationship among students. Japanese timing and precisions, in each and every agenda. The adaptation of their style of working towards a project. Lean planning and continuous improvement in daily lectures. These qualities are implanted in me during these four years engineering course. When a value or characteristic is self built in you, clearly the interviewer will identify it in the sessions. The way I carry myself in, the way of answering a question, time taken for thinking before answering a question and also the mannerism.

All my advice for the new kid in town, in order to get a job, you need to proof what you can offer holding that position. Help yourself to gain and practice, new skills, technically (welding, soldering, CNC machining, annealing and so on) and documentations, such as DFMEA and PPAP and so on. Learning via reading and watching is never enough, experience it so that you can sell yourself for a high wage. All the best, so does MJIIT.”


Name: Reedza Fitri bin Shari

Age: 24 years old

Employment: Sales Engineer, First Metrology Sdn. Bhd.

“I came to UTM-MJIIT to pursue my passion for the study of mechanical engineering and Japanese life culture. I’d have to say that my time spent here for my undergraduate studies was among the most positive experiences of my life, both professionally and personally.

The excellent guidance and support of my lecturers and multinational peers, introduced me to a vast new world where I could expand my academic interests, and engage with vibrant global research networks.

I was also given the opportunity to learn Japanese discipline where I was expected to be self-motivated and disciplined. Japanese culture of “KYUDO” (Archery the Way of the Bow), have always motivate me to strive hard and hit the mark. “KYUDO” represents an archer’s attitude and dignity, and to shoot correctly, which will result to hit the desired target “Seisha hitchu” (true shooting) in other definition, achieve your goals.

I am currently working as a Sales Engineer and my recent position was Technical Engineer and my experience at UTM-MJIIT was a great asset in helping me secure this position. I have been able to make a truly original quality of myself, thanks to the unique set of knowledge and skills I acquired at MJIIT.”

Name: Nurul Ain Binti Idris

Age: 24 Years Old

Employment: Operation Engineer, Siraga IEM Sdn. Bhd.

“MJIIT offers diversity in its environment, from theory to practical and soft skills learning skills, from local subjects to Japanese related subjects and many more. Academic and non-academic activities had immerse the Japanese culture in order to harvest good quality of graduates regardless of our interest.

A lot of valuable experience gained from learning in MJIIT, the most valuable one is the chances that lecturers provided for us to grow regardless of our passion and interest, they never tired of believing and supporting.

Most of the subjects learned at MJIIT had provide me easier path for my career as most of what taught in the class is used on the ground. Chances to be part of exchange student and attending conference also with all activities provided had prepared me well in bringing myself out to the publics and since had been exposed for presentations, viva, projects and assignments, had equipped me with a good team work, time management and critical thinking skills.

In order to uplift, MJIIT shall first showed how Japanese culture is implemented in daily routines and making it as a norm. For MPE, subjects could be seen improving and following the needs of current market, as I encounter the subjects taught at MJIIT in my working environment, but we must need to improve our technical skills, theoretically strong could put us on limitations of thinking creative and innovative.”


Name: Nur Fathiah Binti Waziralilah

Age: 24 years old

Employment: PhD student, MJIIT, UTM KL

“The reason I selected MJIIT as a platform for my undergraduate study is because I believe a Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology would not give me nothing but the best. Even now, I still choose MJIIT for my postgraduate study. My trust in all experienced and helpful lecturers to see the students succeed in their path is one of another reason.

All the course taken and the skill gained during my degree aid me a lot in performing my research. Even though my present research scope is very different from what I have learnt in Mechanical Precision Engineering, but the fundamental knowledge that I gained is indubitably very useful.

I believe the every reason of each student to study in MJIIT is due to the opportunity to go to Japan. I am thankful that I was able to go to Japan thrice, it was a very pleasant moment to experience internship, student exchange and global outreach programme. It is an eye-opening experience that we can learn from Japanese and encounter a totally different culture. Though MJIIT is built to let us experience those as we also have Japanese lecturer and activities yet it will never be the exact feeling to be able to undergo it by ourselves.

In my point of view, to uplift MPE course higher, a well-structured internship could be provided, as industrial training is actually important if one wants to be working in the industry as many company would be asking on their experience. It is impossible to have years of experience as we will be graduated as a fresh graduate.Thus, MJIIT (MPE) should prepare a SOP (what the student should be doing) instead of doing and just seeing around (most of my friend that undergone internship in factory experienced). My advice to the juniors, enjoy the degree life with achievement. Nothing good will come if we are doing nothing. Moreover, respect the lecturer so our knowledge will be blessed, In sha Allah.”