Hi everyone!!! Its me again!! I am sorry about that you are not getting any cute beautiful girl today. This time I am going to talk about AIMS Program in Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) Yeah, the person who are currently in TUAT is ME!!! >< I am very grateful that I got selected by MPE to go to TUAT for one semester exchange (Thats generally what AIMS Program is, but I will explain further through my experience).

For you information, here is the URL of the TUAT: http://old-www.tuat.ac.jp/en/

This is the photo taken by me though.

In the first month of the exchange, I went to quite a lot of visits in Japan. I learnt a lot of Japanese technology and culture that I really would like to integrate it into my country! Hmmm…how should I tell you guys about my story? It’s story time!!!!


First week!

Errrm…. We (I used ‘We’ because there is also a girl from Chemical Process Engineering with me, if you want to know about her, private message me xP) landed at Haneda aiport and the buddies took us to our residence. We are living in Takanodai Garden Terrace in Kodaira City. It is a nice place with some supermarket nearby, which I usually buy my groceries there. Yeah, I am now cooking everyday as eating outside is expensive in Japan. I don’t like to say that but it is really expensive if you compare to Malaysia local food store. (If you are rich and always have your meal in restaurant then I think it is just normal though) In fact there are some groceries in Japan is cheaper than Malaysia but you have discover yourself, of course the price of Daiso products are definitely cheaper than in Malaysia xD.

Yeah, this is my homemade Japanese curry rice!! I think I will be a good chef after the program xD

Next!!! This is the thing I love and hate!!! I love the concept of their garbage separation but I hate it because it is sooooo difficult!! In Japan, we cannot simply dispose your garbage as we always do in Malaysia. We have to separate into burnable, not burnable and the recyclables. It sounds easy right?! It is beyond your imagination. For example, when disposing a instant noodle cup, the cup is under plastic while the lid is considered as paper. We have to separate it clearly or else they wont collect the garbage. They are very strict on this and I do think that Malaysia or MJIIT can implement this kind of garbage disposal system as it really helps in sustainability. The most important is, there is almost no stinks at the garbage dump site! It is a very good system and it is potential to be integrated in Malaysia someday. I hope…Although it is complicated and consume times though….lol

This is an example of the garbage disposal system in my area (Kodaira City)

it is in Japanese so I would like to explain in short. ( The left one includes my area, the right one is other areas in Kodaira)

Monday – Bottles, Cans, Glass bottles, Plastic Container, Batteries, Fluorescent and mercury thermometer.

Tuesday – Burnable waste

Wednesday – Not Burnable waste

Thursday – Newspaper, Magazine, Papers, Cardboard, Cloth

Friday – Burnable waste

In short, the first week is just about to get familiar to the lifestyle in Japan and I think I am already get used to it though. For further experience details, please stay tuned for the next one ya~ ><

Jya mata~~xP (See you then in Japanese)