13th July 2017, Thursday

The next company visited by GMP student was Yaskawa Company also located in Fukuoka prefecture. The journey took about more than 2 hours from Yamaguchi to the destination. Yaskawa Company, one of the most famous robotic company in Japan and all around the world. They invented many modern technology and committed to offer their customers new solution from their technology to the full.


They have led the world’s industrial robot market since the first release of the all-electric industrial robot “MOTOMAN” in Japan in 1977.

futuristic interior design

Since that time, they have successively commercialised and marketed optimum robots for various uses, centering on arc welding, one of their areas of expertise, and including spot welding, handling, assembly, painting, transfer of liquid crystal panels, and transfer of semiconductor wafers. Recently, they have been enhancing their efforts in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and biomedical markets.

robot legs for paralysed people

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