Hi everyone!! Here comes our first chapter of Internship in Japan Series. Well, you all should found out something in the title right? 0neon!? Onion?! I am sure you are wondering about what I am going to tell right? ><

Okay, let’s take a peek at the 0neon~

Left or right?

Choose your 0neon! Okay, I will choose the cute and beautiful girl at the left. She is Tan Mui Kun(MK) from MPE, MJIIT. She likes to draw (0neon is her creation) and she is very friendly! Look at her smile, I think I am already drunk with the smile…… What?! How about the girl at the right? Oh~ She is Nazira, she will be starred in future episode. So, stay tuned for her episode ya (especially for those interested, you probably do not want to miss it xP).


I am sorry for the trash talk. Let’s begin with our main topic. MK is now on her internship after finishing her third year in MJIIT and before she starts her final year. She is currently interns in Eagle Industry Co. Ltd. under the department of research and development. Hmm….R&D is my dream~ I hope I can join also>< Oppss… Sorry for the trashtalk again. I know everyone wanted to know about MK and Eagle Industry. Here comes some profile of Eagle Industry.

URL: https://www.ekkeagle.com/

What?! Just a URL?! Yeah, I am just putting in URL to let you all to explore yourself. If you are interested, definitely you will have a look right? Bwahaha (EKK seal 100% use in Japan and 70% in world-MK Tan, 2017)

Don’t blame me kay? Here’s the view of the office

Hmmm….. I found Suzu Hirose’s Poster!! Who is her fan? Hands up ><


R&D Department


MK will live in the apartment below during her internship ><

Satisfied? I don’t think so~ For further information, please contact…… I not giving any contact number though…

But here is some URL agains~ Yeah ~~

MK’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/0neon_/

MK’s Blog: http://pappus1011.blogspot.my/

U wanna know what is 0neon right? Nah, I won’t tell you. Go explore the URL given xP

Stay tuned for our next chapter ya >< Who will be introduced? Hmmm…like I will tell ya?! Nope, please be patient xD