Call for Research Proposals
JACTIM research proposal competition is to promote research activities at MJIIT, the JACTIM (The Japanese Chamber of Trade and Industry, Malaysia) is sponsoring a call for research proposal relating to green technology for sustainable development in Malaysia. JACTIM research proposal competition is an annual research competition organised by MJIIT.The Committee welcomes research proposals on any related topic that is realistic and can be potentially collaborated with the industries. Suggested topics may include:



  • Prediction the future trend of energy usage in Malaysia.
  • Prediction of potential energy for the future.
  • Energy saving for production line for industry in Malaysia.
  • Energy saving equipment in vehicle and electric industries.

Information Technology (IT)


  • Development of communication system using net environment facilities.
  • Development customer feedback system for continues improvement of the new product.
  • Automatic quality control report using IT systems.



  • Low cost material for manufacturing industries.
  • Local material for high quality in modern industries.



  • Current and future trend of environmental regulations and international standard.
  • Future trend of waste management in Malaysia and what are the potential technologies for keeping the environment clean.

A total of RM50,000.00 prize fund is available to offer prizes for the best submissions. Both undergraduate and postgraduate MJIIT’s students are invited to submit research proposals in their respective categories. Please visit our website for the details on the submission guidelines and regulations.


Call Research Proposal Timetable:
Timely submission of the research proposal is critical to the success of the program. The procedures and timetable enumerated below will apply.


  • Deadline for Proposals
    By October 31st, 2016 (Monday), authors should submit a maximum six (6) pages proposal. Please use the template provided and follow the guidelines properly. The committee has the right to reject the late submissions. Submissions must be made via email to


  1. Acceptance of Proposals
    By November 21, 2016 (Monday), the Committee will make a decision on all proposals. The number of accepted proposals for oral/poster presentations might be limited. The Committee will contact authors via email using Committee’s official email ( regarding their proposals. Make sure your email can receive the Committee’s email.
  1. Presentation

On December 8, 2016 (Thursday), selected proposals will be invited for poster (undergraduate) or oral (postgraduate) presentations. For oral presentations, the time allocation for each participant is 15 minutes, including 5 minutes questions and answers session. Each invited author should make every effort to attend the presentation and present his/her paper. These authors will be contacted in advance of the meeting.

  1. Award Ceremony

On December 17, 2016 (Thursday), a grand award ceremony will be held attended by the senior officers of UTM and JACTIM.

Proposal Selection Criteria
All papers submitted will be evaluated and selected according to the following main criterias:

  • How does the proposed project impacts the society toward the sustainable and green environment?
  • Are the innovations described in the proposed project realistic and have the potential to be commercialized or collaborated with the industries? This may include the cost benefits.
  • Is there an adequate description of the problems that is being to be solved.


Submission Guidelines
The written research proposal must be clear, concise and using direct sentences. The submitted research proposal must be no more than six (6) pages and should be prepared in accordance with the Research Paper Template.

The Committee looks forward to receiving proposals in response to the call, and is happy to respond to inquiries from interested parties.

Winner PhD Category Master Category UG Category
Champion RM3500 RM3000 RM2500
2nd place RM2500 RM2000 RM1500
3rd place RM1750 RM1250 RM1,000
4th place RM750 RM700 RM500
5th place RM750 RM700 RM500
6th place RM750 RM700 RM500

iKHOZA with the most number of participants

Champion RM10,000
2nd place RM 7,000
3rd place RM 5,000
4th place RM 3,000